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Greetings Earthling!

Today's question is:

Greetings, earthling!
What do you do with old greeting cards and letters you receive? Do you throw them away or keep them? If you keep them, where do you put them?

For a while there I would keep pretty much all the cards and letters I got (which honestly, was mostly just birthday cards and such until I was a couple of years into my BA) in the top drawer of the chest next to my desk. These days though, I try not to keep any cards unless I feel like they'll make me happy if I read them later.

I don't really have a set place for them (though I probably should), so I just kind of find them randomly when I clean up or move stuff around.

I don't really get enough cards and letters for it to become a problem though (probably partly because I've barely written to anyone in the past year, oops).

My mom asked me to write to my grandma, so I should do that soon, but I'm also going home soon and I'll see her then, so idk.
zitao god's gift to man

Turn the page

/Dusts off. I want to write more, so maybe the question of the day on LJ is a good place to start.

Today's LJ Question of the Day is: Turn the page
What was the last book you read? How did you hear about it? Did you enjoy it enough to recommend it to others?

Gosh you know I'm always reading 4 books at a time so the last book I read is kind of hard to remember. I finished a volume of Lovely Complex a while ago but I'm not sure I'd say that's a book (it's a manga).

Before that... *checks goodreads* probably the Detective Galileo book? I heard about it because I like dramas and movies based on that author's books, and a friend told me that this was the first one in the Galileo series (his most famous works, probably). I enjoyed it, but it took me a long time to read because I read it in Japanese, and probably the only other people I know whose reading is strong enough in Japanese A. already know about it, or B. aren't interested.

Right now I'm reading 杏のふむふむ so like, Anne's thinky thoughts? It's an essay collection by this famous Japanese lady I like. She's a model, but she also does acting and singing, and essay-writing apparently. I bought it because I really like her podcasts? She has a very pleasant manner of speaking and she always talks about things in a way that make me think.
zitao god's gift to man

Meme time~~

Hello flist, how are you?

I know I've been bad at the whole LJ-journal update thing. I'm still here nearly every day to read all your posts though <3 but those of you who still write posts already knew that :3

I'm shamelessly stealing this from Jessie.

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/dusts off


Uhm. So what with runandgun 2013 ending and me being a creepy stalker I figured it might be a good idea to update LJ again? Also it's just for the sake of updating my LJ, sometimes it makes me kind of sad that this place is so dead. (If anyone wants RnG recs, I read 28/65 fics, sooo... :P)

So I've been back from Japan a little over a month now. The first two weeks I was busy writing up my internship reports and preparing for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (I took N1 *___* totally failed it I'm sure) and then I went to Dusseldorf with neko16 to take the test. So it doesn't feel like I've been back that long already.

I've been applying for part-time jobs here and there, because if I want to go look for work in Japan after I graduate I'm going to need some money to get me started (I didn't spend all the money I got from the internship grant, so I've already got some money set aside for plane tickets, yaaay). So far it hasn't been going well but it's vacation time and I figure everyone is looking for work now. Applied for this one job at a health insurance company that starts in October though, and it lasts for 10 weeks. I have high hopes for that one, since I already have some experience working in insurances?

My thesis is still pretty much nowhere, but I've more or less figured out the kind of primary sources I want to use for my research: Japanese movies from the 1930's that feature women in some prominent way. My thesis advisor told me to just ~immerse myself~ so for the next couple of days I will be watching a lot of old Japanese movies :') see if I can come up with an interesting research question.

How are you all doing?
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Am currently sitting in our tiny office behind my shiny Mac that will not open ANY websites, except livejournal apparently. I wish I was joking but it won't even open google. I have to search using Yahoo!JAPAN. Cries.

I really hope if I bring my laptop to work it will work, because doing research like this is going to suck XD
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Hi everyone~

I'm sorry I've been more than a little MIA on LJ, by all means, come follow me on twitter instead, bc I'm ALWAYS there (buzzzbird). I promise I'll make a real post soon. Probably when I get back from London (BIGBAAAANG <3)

I made a thread on the love meme over here and you should all do the same so I can creep on all of you and hopefully make you feel shiny and happy :D

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