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03 October 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Top 20 list of my favorite Kanjani8 songs :D  
So I posted these to tumblr already but I figured they kind of belong on LJ too :D

20. Puzzle(パズル)

This song always makes me feel a bit melancholic. To me it’s how well this song conveys the bittersweet feeling of moving on with your life but still missing something/someone from before that earns it its place on this top 20, not the Osaka references.

19. Rolling Coaster(ローリング・コースター

Something slightly more cheerful. I love it when Kanjani8 do mid-tempo band songs like this. This is the part of a concert where I feel most at ease. No crazy up and down jumping but also no feelings being torn from your chest against your will THAT IS TOTALLY NOT A TEAR THIS ROOF IS LEAKING OKAY.

18. I to U

I would place this song higher on the list if I could bear for any of the other songs to be any lower than they already are. I love it a lot. The lyrics and the flow of the words and the music just make it such a sweet and romantic song without becoming too dramatic.

17. Kagayakeru Butai he(輝ける舞台へ)

This is one of those songs that make me feel like I can take on the world and laugh while I’m doing it. What’s not to like?

16. Kicyu

So someone thought it was a good idea to put Yoko and Yasu in a room together to write music. And man were they right. I’ll admit it’s a bit of a wacky song but it’s also really cute. Because yes the world does need more words to describe kissing. I firmly believe that anyone who listens to this song and understands the lyrics, and yet /isn’t/ smiling by the end of it, is not human.

15. Tte!!!!!!!!(『って!!!!!!!!』)

Ah. Yes. This is one of the songs that I can’t listen to without hearing the Laura/Riva version of it because I’ve heard them sing it in karaoke so often. But I’m glad!!! Because I’m not sure without them I would have come to love this song as much as I do now. The reason I love it so much now is partly due to the upbeat music and cute lyrics, and partly due to happy Osaka memory associations.

14. Sukiyanen, Osaka(好きやねん、大阪)

A cheerful song, absolutely PACKED with Osaka-ben, Osaka pride, and lame jokes. Anyone who thought this wouldn’t be on my list obviously doesn’t know me (or Kanjani8).

13. Fight for the Eight

THIS SONG IS SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!! What, you were expecting a proper explanation?

12. Ukiyo Odoribito(浮世踊りビト)

Uptempo big band song about the mysteries of the floating world? Yes please.

I’m not sure whether I’d applaud the person who could sit still during this song, or check for life signs. I wish they’d do more songs like this, I think their voices are extremely well suited for this style of music.

(This is also one of those songs I’ve come to love more because of the Riva!version. It’s a b-side of a single I never listened to so I never really knew of its existence until Riva-chan impressed the hell out of me by singing everything including the fast parts flawlessly.)

11. Aoppana(あおっぱな)

YOUTH! IT’S BEAUTIFUL! ALSO SKA!!! This is another great song that always makes me feel better no matter what’s going on. Great concert song, great karaoke song, just a really great let’s get this party started break out the good chu-hi let’s jump up and down and put really big smiles on our faces kind of song.

10. Osaka Romanesque(大阪ロマネスク)

So I don’t think I mentioned this to anyone before but I kind of love Osaka? Just a little bit. This song gives me the most Osaka feelings out of all the Osaka songs. Possibly because they mention places I know and love. It’s a little more than three months until I go back there so until then I’ll try not to torture myself with this song too much, if I can. (I listen to it even though it huuurts 9. Musekinin Hero(無責任ヒーロー)</b>

Working hard! In our own half-assed way! We’ll get it done somehow!!!

I just really love singing this song in karaoke and seeing the PV (THE ENTIRE PV IS MADE OF GLORIOUS)

8. Monogram(モノグラム)

Back to mid-tempo band song loveliness <3

Something about this song is just so hopeful and positive and comforting. It’s one of the first Kanjani8 songs I ever heard and it’s been a favorite ever since.

7. Monjai Beat(もんじゃい・ビート)

Crazy idiots full of crazy sing a crazy ska song with crazy lyrics and did I mention the crazy? (It gets even crazier if you watch the PV) But the thing is, all that crazy makes it work. It makes it work really well actually. A karaoke favorite.

6. Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki (ここにしかない景色)

This song came out when I was doing my internship in Kyoto which might be part of the reason it’s so high up on this list, but it’s another mid-tempo band song about hometowns and places that are close to your heart so it also fits really well. Who knows, maybe this time next year this song won’t even be in the top 10 anymore. (I doubt it.)

5. Bansou (伴奏)

This song came out right around the time I was finishing my internship and had to say goodbye to a lot of really lovely people, so the lyrics of this song really resonated with me (I HAVE SOME VALUABLE KIZUNA YO). It’s also extremely catchy and beautiful and I feel really sad when I think about how I won’t be able to see it in concert :< But I will be able to see the people I had to say goodbye to again <3 and that makes me happy <3

4. Tsubusa ni Koi (ツブサニコイ)

I… have no idea how to explain how this song ended up so high on my list but THERE ARE REASONS. 好きだよって~

3. Baby Baby

I bet no one saw this one coming.


I listened to the 8UPPERS album so much that even though I wasn’t living with my mom at the time, she starting recognizing songs and hummed along to them. I kind of wanted to include all the songs but choices had to be made :< In a list of favorite Kanjani8 albums that album would be number 1 for me.

2. Uchuu ni Itta Raion(宇宙に行ったライオン)

It was a tough decision to place this song at number two instead of number one. It was very very close.

I love this song like BURNING. When the FIGHT album came out I didn’t make it past this song for the longest time. The lyrics about a lion flying around the world and making friends and seeing new and exciting things and overcoming? Yeah. I like it. The music is also nothing short of perfect. It suits the epic theme of the song really well.

It’s also a song Laura and I almost always sing at karaoke and <333

1. LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou he~(LIFE~目の前の向こうへ)

So if you know me and my love for Kanjani8 and you saw number two, you probably guessed that this would be number one. If you don’t know me that well, but you did read the rest of this list, you probably still guessed this would be number one. This is my favorite kind of Kanjani8 song, executed really well, and perfect both on CD and in concert. It’s a little bit melancholic but also has a lot of fighting spirit and I’m not sure I would be exaggerating if I said that this song is part of my soul now. There’s no other song that makes me FEEL as much as this song does ;; <3

Thank you for reading~ :D
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Pomme: yasupomme_n on October 3rd, 2013 10:47 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh~ I haven't listened to Kanjani 8 in a while and today I was re-watching some of the old countdowns and I saw the Sukiyanen Osaka clip with Kanjani, KAT-TUN and NEWS and oh the nostalgia poured in!! This and the clips from earlier has just made me revamp my playlist!! You and I shared a lot of the same favourites. Also about kicyu you are spot on!!! I'll mention one of my favs that you didn't mention in your list and that is wahaha it is just filled with humour and make me feel filled with mush and gush and happy, but it seems that most of kanjanis songs make me feel like that!!! Also ahhh I am so jelly you are going back to Japan~!!! *__*
熱いですね: 俺の気持ちを止められない!buzzbird on October 4th, 2013 07:17 am (UTC)
Wahaha did make it to my top 30? :D

Yeah I just had all the Kanjani8 feelings after making this list yesterday :')